Joining in


Our hope is that everyone who joins us has the opportunity to belong to the church family both by getting involved in with what is already going on, as well as offering their gifts to bless others.

We have an Afternoon Fellowship for those who are retired where people pray, sing hymns, read Scripture, listen to talks or watch entertainment and share refreshments. For more information contact Sue Day or 9871097, or Sylvia Raven 9621709

There is also a Monthly Breakfast, a Choir, and a variety of teams including Children’s Workers, Cleaners, Pastoral Carers, leading prayers, Bible reading in services and so on. If you see a gap, perhaps you could be the one to fill it?

The way we grow in our faith in all these contexts, is through six spiritual practices of:

  • Dwelling In The Word – noticing and sharing what God is saying to each of us as we read the Bible
  • Hospitality – giving and receiving welcome from others
  • Dwelling In The World – noticing what God is doing in the world and who are People of Peace around us with whom we can work
  • Spiritual Discernment - learning to see things from God’s perspective and joining in with what we see Him as doing.
  • Announcing The Kingdom - teaches us to have the confidence to say out loud where we see God at work in people’s lives in and outside the church.
  • Focussing For Missional Action - how we experiment with new ideas, activities and initiatives that reach out.

These all come from our participation in Partnership for Missional Church.

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